Valentine’s Day

So here it is Valentine’s Day. You always hear people complaining that this is a “Hallmark Holiday” and people having anti-Valentine parties, etc. Why is that? I used to think that way. That was until I finally found someone to make celebrating this day worth it. In the past I was never treated right or loved, etc. I had no reason to look forward to a day celebrating love, something I had no concept of. I think that’s people’s problem. They don’t know what true love is therefore they get all Scrooge like and pissy about this little day called Valentine’s Day.

I mean seriously stop and think about it for a minute. Why would someone who has no idea what true love is want to celebrate or look forward to a day that’s main focus is just that. True love? They wouldn’t. I thank God everyday for giving me the woman that he gave me last year when I was at my lowest. She has finally given me a reason to look forward to and celebrate Valentine’s Day. So to everyone out there let me wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and even if you’re single give your mom a call and tell her you love her.

Is MTV Promoting Underage Drinking?

So I do watch some reality TV shows. There is one that I’ve been watching called “College Life” where MTV has given a few college freshman cameras to document their first year in college up in Wisconsin. Great idea. If I’d had a camer ato document the stuff that I did in college who knows what kind of trouble I’d be in now! So these kids basically film whenever and wherever they want. They film their dorm parties, their hookups, their breakups, etc. It was quite borng at times, but then at other times it was kidn of interesting. So the most recent episode was about them all going on Spring Break. They all ended up going to Panama Beach City, Florida. Not together though as most didn’t know each other anyways. There is one guy that is flat broke. He has $175 to last him 7 days in Florida. Yeah right I am thinking. They show him buying alcohol like crazy and by the first day he’s spent all of his money. No surprise there. But what I sat there and thought was this. MTV allows this kid to film himself right? They, MTV, ultimately edits the footage to show on TV. They show him buying this alcohol and it hit me. This kid is a freshman. He’s 19 (even talks abotu how he is 19) and yet he’s buying alcohol. How the heck did he pull that off? Fake ID? The clerk not checking. So the almost 30 year old in me kicks in and is like “WHOA wait a minute here.” Why aren’t the clerks selling this kid alcohol getting busted for selling to a minor. And MTV showing this to me is promoting underage drinking. I don’t care how you spin it, that’s what their doing. All I know is this….my kids whenever I have some of my own are NEVER EVER EVER going to Spring Break if I have anything to say about it!

American Idol Season 8 Finale

idol-logoSo I have a secret that I’m going to reveal on here. I’m a reality show junkie. Yes it’s true. And I watch American Idol and I love it. I can already hear some of you starting to hiss and boo at me. Hey at least I can admit it unlike a vast majority of you closet Idol watchers. So last night was the last performance of the night. Tonight is the results. This season has actually been one of my favorites since the one with Carrie Underwood vs. Bo Bice (yes I voted for Bo) and the one with Chris Daughtry (yes I’m a Daughtry fan). This year’s two finalist are complete opposites.

First you have Adam Lambert or Glambert as everyone calls him now. He’s from liberal California  and it’s rumored he’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’ve guessed that since the first time he stepped on stage with his very emo hairstyle and the guyliner.

Then there is Kris Allen. The good ol’ country boy from conservative Arkansas. He’s got a Jason Mraz/John Mayer feel. His biggest downfall, at least for me? He looks like a freaking monkey when he sings. He has this thing he does when he sings out the side of his mouth that I swear makes him look like a monkey. And I’m not the only one who sees this. But I like the kid.

So last night the contestants had to sing three songs. The first song was one the contestants picked. Adam chose “Mad World.” This got the most praise during the competition when he first sang it so it’s no surprise he sang it again. In full Glambert style Adam comes out in a long black coat with fog everywhere, etc. He sings the song great. I actually like alot of his songs he’s sang this year. This one is one of my favorites. I’d give him a B on this one.

The judges praise Adam’s performance over and over (wow no surprise there) and I swear Kara was going to leap over the judges table with the way she was drooling over his performance.adam2

Next up is Kris with his choice of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” It was a song he’d done earlier this season that got good praise. Kris, unlike Adam can play some instruments (if Adam can he’s not shown it this season). Kris is at the piano for this one and it’s great. Another great performance by Monkey Boy. I’d give Kris an A on this one.

Next is the show’s producer, Simon Fuller, choice. For Adam he chooses “A Change is Gonna Come” by the late and great Sam Cooke. This is a great classic 50’s R&B/Soul song. Glambert is not R&B. Or Soul. Or 50’s. He’s a freaking Glam Rocker for crying out loud. What the hell was Simon (don’t get him confused with the judge Simon Cowell by the way) thinking when he picked this song? Does he think putting the Glam Rocker in a suit and tie and making him sing a 50’s R&B song is a good idea? Is this guy just so rich he could care less since he knows he’s making tons of cash no matter what he does? Anyways Adam doesn’t do that bad of a job on this but I’d give him a C on this one. Can’t fault the guy for somone else choosing a the song.

Now it’s Kris’ turn and Simon Fuller once again poops out another stupid song choice. He chooses “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye for Kris. Now granted this fit Kris better than the song chosen for Adam, but it’s still not a good choice. I mean this is a song that is 38 years old. While Kris did a good job it just wasn’t the right thing. Kris’ range and skills are not that of Marvin Gaye. Not even 1% of Marvin. So it just sounded off. I’d say Kris earned a C on this one as well.

Ok so now we’re at the end. As always there is a song written for the two finalist to sing. It’s usually some horrific cheesy ballad, etc. but alas it’s gotta be done. It’s tradition right? So this year the song is co-written by one of the judges, Kara DioGuardi. She was the new addition this year as the fourth judge. Personally I can’t stand her. She’s annoying and drives me up the wall when she’s talking. So she writes this god awful song called “No Boundaries” and it’s a pukefest.

First up to sing this monstrosity is Adam. Now this song was written for a higher vocal range so it’s perfect for Adam. So you’d think. But he doesn’t do too well and the judges end up commenting on his season and not this song. At one point Simon Cowell even takes a jab at Kara when he says that he’s not going to judge Adam on this song . I thought Adam didn’t do so hot, but as Simon Cowell said the song can’t be held against him. It was indeed the worst thing I’d ever heard on an Idol finale to date.

Next up is Kris singing the same song “No Boundaries.” Again remember the song is craptacular. It makes you want to stick needles in your ears people it’s that freaking bad. So Kris struggles with this because it’s written for a high vocal range. Kris doesn’t do high vocals. So he struggles hard. As with Adam the judges talk about how they aren’t going to judge him on the song, but the season.

What really ticks me off though is how they’ve been shoving Adam kris2Lambert down our throats for weeks and weeks. First you have Simon flat out telling people to vote for Adam to get him in the finals. Then you have Katy Perry who sang on last weeks show come out in a cape with Adam Lambert on it (of course AI removed that in the recorded version on iTunes). It’s just like the producers and what not of Idol have been Adam’s pimp all season and they’re hoping it pays off for them. I mean Glambert got backing vocals when he sang “No Boundaries,” but Kris got nothing. It was written for a higher vocal range that, SHOCKER, Adam has and Kris doesn’t. Just doesn’t seem too fair.

So now it’s up to the American public to decide who wins. Granted my pick all season got booted last week during the Top 3. That was Danny Gokey. So I had to pick a new person. I am a fan of both finalist, but if you couldn’t tell I’m leaning towards Kris winning. I know it’s a long shot, but no one expected Kris to be in the finals so who knows what can happen. Now according to DialIdol.com, Kris is up by 1.10% with 61.14% of the vote and Adam getting 60.04%. Now granted this is just a prediction BUT know that DialIdol.com was 97% right for Season 7 of American Idol and has accurately predicted the winner of every American Idol season that it’s covered.  I never vote on this show until the last two and I tried for hours last night and never did get through to vote for Kris. So we’ll see tonight what happens. The finale is two hours long and Ryan Seacrest did warn everyong recording it that they will indeed go long so adjust your DVR to record longer than the usual two hours.

Mad Skills

Found this today while surfing the Internet and I had to share it with you all. This guy has some skills!


Exciting News….Hopefully

Just wanted to update you all and let you know I’m working on one MAYBE two different giveaways. Now granted it may not appeal to all of you but I hope it will appeal to some. So keep it tuned here. If you haven’t already done so make sure to subscribe either via the RSS Feed or via the Email Feed.

Exit Signs

exit_signOk so you ever walk around your office and think of random stuff? Well I do and last week I was walking down the hall in my office building and just happened to notice the Exit Sign flickering as if the bulb was going out. It got me to thinking just how energy efficient these signs are that were put in years and years ago and have not been changed or upgraded since. I’ve seen the one signs that are just a clear piece of material that appears to be lighted up from a light source above where it goes into the ceiling. I”m assuming those are more energy efficient than the old style ones. Of course the geek in me got curious so I did some research and I was right. Those single faced EXIT SIGNS do have an integral light source and are all up to ENERGY STAR specs.  I guess this was a requirement that started back in January of 2006 and any signs made after January 1, 2006 must meet these specifications.

So now you’re sitting there wondering why on earth would I write about exit signs? Well it came into my head after a conversation with someone on being more “green” and saving energy back on Earth Day last week. That of course came up while discussing President Obama’s visit to Newton, IA last week to tour the wind energy manufacturing plan, Trinity, on Earth Day to talk about his ideas for conserving energy. So I guess it just sparked this idea and I felt compelled to write about it. So now you know if your company is using old and outdated stuff or not. Of course there’s probably not much of a chance to get it updated by you saying something but you never know. But at least you can try right? Going green isn’t easy though. It takes time and patience and does sometimes cost more money at first but eventually you start to see the savings.