Equal Rights

So my fiancĂ©e Nikki is in a Philosophy class right now online. The topic of last week’s discussion forum was to “Identify a specific belief you have that you think is worth defending, and explain how you might go about defending it.” Nikki chose equal rights/gay marriage. Below is her initial post and a response from a fellow classmate along with Nikki’s reply back to her classmate. Took out late names for obvious reasons. Thought I’d share this with you all though.
Nikki XXXXXXXX – 1/20/2011 8:28:09 PM

Their are many things and subjects that can be justified such as beliefs, actions, emotions, claims, laws. These subjects we deal with on a daily basics in our daily lives.

One belief I have is same sex marriage. A lot of people are against it. But I’m for it. I feel everyone should have the same rights regardless of their sexuality. Homosexual couples just want the ability to have their partners share their medical coverage or be beneficiaries on life
insurance policies. It’s never been about changing the definition of marriage. It’s not even about marriage. It’s about being able to share the same rights as a heterosexual couple.

Brenda XXXXXX – 1/23/2011 5:12:50 PM
Hello Nikki,
I read your respond and I can relate to what you are saying about your belief, and I had to respond to you, I have a daughter and her name is Nilkki also, and she thinks she is gay or homosexuals what ever you call it. Nikki I all most lost my mind simply because of my belief, sex, marriages of the same sex is a abomination according to God’s word, Nikki if it was ok in the eye sight of the Lord why do these people have to fight for their rights, and of course it was gay people in the bible, read in Genesis 19:23, and to show you God hate any kind of same sex he burn the city of Sodom and Gomorrah down himself he did not have his angle to do it he did it, and abomination look it up in the dictionary means flit. Do you see same sex of any kind of animals, God’s word to Noah go and get the animals male and female, my belief is God going to save his people that have lost their identity, even my daughter, I can be dead and gone she will get her mind back, and she got to want to do it, that’s why she is lost now, because she do not want to listen and learn or obey. Those people do not have any right, as begin the same sex lovers. We all belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.and what about the children of this world those people again, are telling the children it ok to be homosexuals, I have seen so many young pretty girls at schools and other places as lovers and it just bring tears to my eyes,let these children grow to become what they want to, and children is killing them self because of this homosexuals act.

Nikki XXXXXXXX – 1/23/2011 8:14:53 PM

It doesn’t surprise me that you took this and turned it into a religious argument. That’s the #1 thing opponents to equal rights do right off the bat. The thing is it’s not even about marriage. It’s about being able to let the homosexual community have the same LEGAL rights that heterosexuals have. I’m straight and getting married in May. I have friends in other states that are not able to share their health insurance with their partner just because that person is the same sex. That’s wrong and unfair. Again it has NOTHING to do with marriage. The people in the homosexual community have all along said it’s simply an equal rights issue. Why is it ok to not allow them the same right? Would people argue and picket and fight if we still were treating African Americans like we did before they won their equal rights? They were judged and discriminated against simply based on the color of their skin. These people are being unfairly judged and discriminated against simply because they like the same sex. And just so you know Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed purely for homosexuality. There were plenty of other sins going on.

Why should we force our children to be something they don’t want to be. I didn’t CHOOSE to be a straight female. I was born that way. Those that argue that homosexuality is a “choice” have no clue what they are talking about. Did you, Brenda, CHOOSE to be heterosexual? No you just knew you liked men and not women sexually. The same way my friends that are gay didn’t CHOOSE to be homosexual. They just knew, most from a young age, that they were not into girls or boys. My fiance works with a guy who was born a woman. He lives his life as a man, dresses like one, etc. He’s known since he was around 5 that he was not a girl. He hated the girly clothes his mom would buy him, etc. His parents loved him unconditionally and let him live his life the way he knew and felt in his heart that he should, as a man.

These kids killing themselves are not doing it solely based on the fact they were homosexual. Some weren’t gay at all, but of course the media doesn’t sensationalize those stories. They don’t make as much noise in the press as the gay kid that hung himself does. These kids are killing themselves due to bullying. I was bullied as a kid for being overweight. So was my fiance. The problem lies with the parents to be honest. Kids today are so pacified and told that “everyone is a winner” and other nonsense like that. Everyone gets trophies even if they didn’t win. Doing that to our kids just makes them grow up thinking that everyone wins and that sometimes you’re gonna lose and that you need to learn to deal with defeat and losing. These kids don’t know how to deal with the bullying like we got when we were kids. I am stronger today for learning to deal with the teasing, etc. that I got as a kid. It’s made me a better woman today. So if you’re daughter feels she is gay why treat her any differently? She’s your daughter. You should love her unconditionally, regardless of her sexual preference. If, God willing, my fiance and I have kids someday we’ve already talked about how we’re going to handle it if any of them are gay. We are simply going to tell them that we love them no matter what, and let them know the battles they will have to face in their life. But one thing we won’t do is try and force a belief or lifestyle on them that they don’t want. All that will do is make them hate you as a parent more and act out.

Easter Weekend

fruitpizzaSo I’m sitting here at my mom’s house for the weekend. My step-dad is getting baptized tomorrow at church so my mom had asked me to come up for that. I love coming up here. Good family. Good food. Good times. The picture you see is the fruit pizza my mom has made for years. They don’t get made often and the last time she made one was at my wedding almost 3 years ago! Can’t wait to dive into this thing. They’re also making a potato casserole, green bean casserole, homemade cream corn, a big honey ham. w00h00! And this morning I had fried potatoes and pork chops. How am I ever going to shed this extra weight if I come up here? HAHA! Anyways hope you all have a great easter weekend and stop and remember the true meaning behind this holiday (and no it’s not about the Easter Bunny and those AWESOME Reese Peanut Butter Eggs).

Sad Sad Day

oscar2So I got my little buddy Oscar (mini dachshund) back from my ex at the end of February. He was pooping and peeing on her and her new lover’s bed all the time. I think he just hated it there that’s why he did it. So I took him back. He never did that at my place. Well fast forward a month later. He’s driving my roommate insane. Plus he’s driving me insane. I can’t leave the room without him whining and peeing.

The breed is gregarious meaning they need to be around other dogs, etc. Just part of the breed. He was around two other dogs since he was six weeks old and now has no one. He’s alone all day while I’m at work. It’s just not fair to him to put him through that. The breeder my ex-wife and I got him from offer a return policy. No matter how long you’ve had one of their dogs if for any reason you need to return them they’ll take them back. They’d rather have the dog than see it go to a shelter and possibly be put down.

So after a lot of hard thinking and crying I’ve decided to take him back to them. They’ve got tons of other Dachshunds and Mini-Dachshunds for him to play with and be happy. He’d always have someone around. I’m so torn over this and hate doing it but I know it’s what’s best for him and will make him a hell of a lot happier than he was at my house. Just had to get it off my chest. I’m gonna miss the dude more than I can even express. I feel like I’m giving up a child.

My Dog’s a Nicotine Addict

nicotine_addictionSo I get an email from my roommate while at work that my dog Oscar decided to have my roommate’s girlfriend’s cigarettes for breakfast. I rushed home because A) it’s my dog and my responsibility and B) nicotine can be very poisonous to dogs. So far he’s doing ok for now. Vet isn’t in until 10 so I’m gonna call him back around then to see if he wants me to bring Oscar in or what I should do. Dogs are sneaky little buggers. He tugged on the bag the new phonebook was in on the coffee table and in turn got the smokes to fall off. LOL!