aisle19_logo1So I found out about this new site called Aisle19. I thought it was another scam or MLM site but it’s actually not. I haven’t done anything with it yet but know a few people that have and they’ve really gotten money back on it.

This is one of the fastest growing social shopping networks on the web today! You can get a free account with Aisle19 that lets you shop from over 600 stores you are already shopping from and get paid cash back and get exclusive discounts as well. But you have to be invited – which is what I am doing. It’s really a no brainer. Watch this 3 minute video that explains the conceptĀ  and then click on the Join Now button when the video is done to get your own account.

NOTE: I normally don’t post stuff like this unless I truly believe in the product or service.

Money Money Money

Anyone know how I can make $300-400 in a week or two? Legally? LOL! Wish I could snag another web design client. I’d be fine if I did that. šŸ™

Money, Bills, Drama!

So I got paid today. I make good money. I unfortunately never get to enjoy any of it. I just paid all the bills due this paycheck and I’ve got oh around $100 left. That’s to last me until I get paid again on April 10th. Yeah uh huh. I see that happening. This just isn’t working out like I thought. That and I can’t freaking balance my checkbook right now. I’m $14.06 under in my checkbook versus what the bank says. So good thing is I’d rather be UNDER than OVER. Problem is I’ve gone through this stupid thing a hundred times and can’t find any missing amounts or any errors in my math. GRRRRRRRRR! Anyways I just had to get on here and rant. I applied at a bar yesterday to be a bartender. Would only be on the weekends but hey it’s money I don’t have coming in. We’ll see how that goes. Talk to ya’ll later.