Month: March 2009

Sad Sad Day

oscar2So I got my little buddy Oscar (mini dachshund) back from my ex at the end of February. He was pooping and peeing on her and her new lover’s bed all the time. I think he just hated it there that’s why he did it. So I took him back. He never did that at my place. Well fast forward a month later. He’s driving my roommate insane. Plus he’s driving me insane. I can’t leave the room without him whining and peeing.

The breed is gregarious meaning they need to be around other dogs, etc. Just part of the breed. He was around two other dogs since he was six weeks old and now has no one. He’s alone all day while I’m at work. It’s just not fair to him to put him through that. The breeder my ex-wife and I got him from offer a return policy. No matter how long you’ve had one of their dogs if for any reason you need to return them they’ll take them back. They’d rather have the dog than see it go to a shelter and possibly be put down.

So after a lot of hard thinking and crying I’ve decided to take him back to them. They’ve got tons of other Dachshunds and Mini-Dachshunds for him to play with and be happy. He’d always have someone around. I’m so torn over this and hate doing it but I know it’s what’s best for him and will make him a hell of a lot happier than he was at my house. Just had to get it off my chest. I’m gonna miss the dude more than I can even express. I feel like I’m giving up a child.

Fake People

Fake people need to disappear. You all that are fake know who you are and need to realize you are nothing and mean nothing to me anymore. Remember that. And I know I’m gonna get a bunch of comments or emails from people asking either A) what am I talking about B) who am I talking about or C) am I talking about them (the person emailing me). 🙂

New Ink SOON!

samuraiHere is the drawing my tattoo artist did for my new tattoo I’m getting done May 23rd (Click on the thumbnail for the fullsize picture). Can’t wait! So freaking excited for this one. Gonna take a few sessions to complete it but will be worth it. Gonna probably keep it black and grey with no color. It represents all of the demons I’ve had to fight off over the years and will continue to have to fight off.

Money, Bills, Drama!

So I got paid today. I make good money. I unfortunately never get to enjoy any of it. I just paid all the bills due this paycheck and I’ve got oh around $100 left. That’s to last me until I get paid again on April 10th. Yeah uh huh. I see that happening. This just isn’t working out like I thought. That and I can’t freaking balance my checkbook right now. I’m $14.06 under in my checkbook versus what the bank says. So good thing is I’d rather be UNDER than OVER. Problem is I’ve gone through this stupid thing a hundred times and can’t find any missing amounts or any errors in my math. GRRRRRRRRR! Anyways I just had to get on here and rant. I applied at a bar yesterday to be a bartender. Would only be on the weekends but hey it’s money I don’t have coming in. We’ll see how that goes. Talk to ya’ll later.

My Dog’s a Nicotine Addict

nicotine_addictionSo I get an email from my roommate while at work that my dog Oscar decided to have my roommate’s girlfriend’s cigarettes for breakfast. I rushed home because A) it’s my dog and my responsibility and B) nicotine can be very poisonous to dogs. So far he’s doing ok for now. Vet isn’t in until 10 so I’m gonna call him back around then to see if he wants me to bring Oscar in or what I should do. Dogs are sneaky little buggers. He tugged on the bag the new phonebook was in on the coffee table and in turn got the smokes to fall off. LOL!

Random Thoughts

I wrote this back on December 10, 2008. Before I knew the truth about my soon to be ex-wife, etc. I’ll admit I got pretty mad at God when everything that went down went down. I’ll admit I’ve fallen to the wayside ever since and haven’t returned to church since December. I tell myself I’m gonna go and then I don’t. I know that I will in due time. I just have to go when I know it’s right and not force it. I figured I’d repost this here though because it’s still the truth. Enjoy

So here I sit reflecting on the past few days. I’ve become closer to God and I’m praying almost everyday. I’m wondering why this couldn’t have happened sooner in my life before my world had started to fall apart. I guess God wanted me to get on my knees when I truly needed him and that time has come. I won’t go into details but those of you out there that need to know the details already know them. Just keep my family and me in your prayers daily.

I find myself still struggling with my words. I’ve has a foul mouth for years. I know when to control it but for the most part the words fly out of my mouth that are vulgar and wrong to use. I pray daily for God to help me with this problem and I feel he’s doing it. Allbeit slowly but it’s still happening. The first thing I noticed is that I was becoming aware when I said a cuss word. Something I don’t think I ever did. Before they’d just fly out and I’d think nothing of it. Now I catch myself in my head when one slips out. I have been asking God’s forgiveness when this happens. Again something I’ve never done before. I just have to have faith that he will continue to help me stop this.

I’m also continuing to ask him for help with my mouth in regards to not arguing. It’s hard to stop doing something that’s been a part of your personality pretty much your entire life. I just have to have faith he will help me.

I’m still going to counseling and I honestly feel it’s helping. I just wish the bills would disappear. It’s not cheap that’s for sure. Granted four sessions cost me $104 but still right now that’s $104 we don’t have extra of.


What is the Daily Harold

Ok so you’re asking yourself just what is “The Daily Harold” right? Well my name is Harold Martin. I’m 29 years old and live in Newton, IA. I’m recently divorced and have no kids. I used to run a website called The Daily Harold when I was single. Once I got married I started a new site called The Martin Bunch for my new family. Well now that that family is gone I decided I need to start up my old blog for family/friends to visit to keep up with my life. I will try my best to keep this one updated more often than I have others in the past.

So what will you find here? Nothing special. Me writing about random crap. Stupid stuff to most. Maybe interesting to some. News articles I come across or some random thing I did or saw, etc. You’ll never know. I’m not much of a writer but when I get compelled I tend to write some good stuff. I’ll start off the site with a post from my old site The Martin Bunch. Hope to see you all come back real soon!