1. Wearing too much make up
I remember having a teacher in high school who would cake on make up like a mask. Her face was white with some sort of white plaster like material and every morning she must have awoke to the painstaking process of painting on her happy face for the day. It was impossible to see what her actual expression was because of the depth of her daily make-up ritual. Seriously, we’re all human and the odd blemish really isn’t that big a deal. Showing a bit of confidence with your imperfections is probably going to be more sexy than demonstrating your insecurities by hiding behind mountains of crèmes and cosmetics. Guys prefer light make-up or even no make-up. Too much make-up can spell a fussy, high maintenance girl. Particularly, if you’ve overdone the make-up for the occasion. Sure it’s nice to get dolled up at the right time, but keep it simple on the casual dates.

2. Making degrading generalizations
Men can’t stand it when you put them into a box and define their behaviour with some “all men are cheaters/liars/bastards etc” line. Lets face it, generalizations are a grossly and inconsiderate way of talking about someone. It strips them of their individual character and boxes them into this unrealistic stereotype. Most of us hate to be generalized. Many women would grow red with anger at being typecast as belonging in the kitchen with some babies at the apron strings. Men will take offense if you assign them to a stereotypical generalization. Steer clear of sweeping statements as it makes you look like an ignorant bigot.

3. Talking about your ex
Guys don’t want to here about your past heart throbs as much as you don’t want to her about all the past girls he’s banged. The more you gush about your past relationships the more it becomes clear that you are not completely over your past flames and would hook back up with your ex in a second. Equally, bitching about your past lovers is also a turn off. The best policy is to recognize that what happened in the past stays in the past. Sure ex’s are bound to come up in the conversation at some stage and you might find yourself discussing past relationships. The key is too not make it the topic of ever discussion. Even more of a turn off is to compare your current lover with an ex. An ex is history, keep it that way.

4. Armpit hair
So hair can be a touchy subject. Personally, I don’t dig it and according to the survey results a vast number of men rate it as a top turn off. I know its natural, yada yada yada… but so is farting yet I think most people would be repulsed by the idea of someone dropping some ass on a crowded bus. Armpit hair is one of those redundant throwbacks from the primitive days. There’s no great need for it so what the harm in removing it.

5. Extreme drunkenness
There’s tipsy, giggly, drunk, staggering, vomiting and then there is extreme drunkenness. Alcohol can make and break first impressions. A couple drinks are a good way of lubricating the conversation with someone you are just getting to know. Miscalculate the number of drinks and your sex appeal will be heading to all new lows. I’ve heard guys whine about how horrible a drunk girl can be. “A drunk guy is bad, but a drunk girl is ten times worse.” I think the stakes are evenly placed anyone who gets ridiculously drunk is highly unattractive. When you get to the point of vomiting, having your friends hoist you from bars/taxis/sidewalks/home and your make-up is smooshed across your face, it’s a fair bet that you won’t be picking up anything worthwhile. By all means have a raucous time and drink up but be aware of your limits.