oscar2So I got my little buddy Oscar (mini dachshund) back from my ex at the end of February. He was pooping and peeing on her and her new lover’s bed all the time. I think he just hated it there that’s why he did it. So I took him back. He never did that at my place. Well fast forward a month later. He’s driving my roommate insane. Plus he’s driving me insane. I can’t leave the room without him whining and peeing.

The breed is gregarious meaning they need to be around other dogs, etc. Just part of the breed. He was around two other dogs since he was six weeks old and now has no one. He’s alone all day while I’m at work. It’s just not fair to him to put him through that. The breeder my ex-wife and I got him from offer a return policy. No matter how long you’ve had one of their dogs if for any reason you need to return them they’ll take them back. They’d rather have the dog than see it go to a shelter and possibly be put down.

So after a lot of hard thinking and crying I’ve decided to take him back to them. They’ve got tons of other Dachshunds and Mini-Dachshunds for him to play with and be happy. He’d always have someone around. I’m so torn over this and hate doing it but I know it’s what’s best for him and will make him a hell of a lot happier than he was at my house. Just had to get it off my chest. I’m gonna miss the dude more than I can even express. I feel like I’m giving up a child.