exit_signOk so you ever walk around your office and think of random stuff? Well I do and last week I was walking down the hall in my office building and just happened to notice the Exit Sign flickering as if the bulb was going out. It got me to thinking just how energy efficient these signs are that were put in years and years ago and have not been changed or upgraded since. I’ve seen the one signs that are just a clear piece of material that appears to be lighted up from a light source above where it goes into the ceiling. I”m assuming those are more energy efficient than the old style ones. Of course the geek in me got curious so I did some research and I was right. Those single faced EXIT SIGNS do have an integral light source and are all up to ENERGY STAR specs.  I guess this was a requirement that started back in January of 2006 and any signs made after January 1, 2006 must meet these specifications.

So now you’re sitting there wondering why on earth would I write about exit signs? Well it came into my head after a conversation with someone on being more “green” and saving energy back on Earth Day last week. That of course came up while discussing President Obama’s visit to Newton, IA last week to tour the wind energy manufacturing plan, Trinity, on Earth Day to talk about his ideas for conserving energy. So I guess it just sparked this idea and I felt compelled to write about it. So now you know if your company is using old and outdated stuff or not. Of course there’s probably not much of a chance to get it updated by you saying something but you never know. But at least you can try right? Going green isn’t easy though. It takes time and patience and does sometimes cost more money at first but eventually you start to see the savings.