abortionSo I’m on this roll of talking about topics that spark controversy and get people talking. I figured why not keep on that with the topic of abortion. This one topic I’m pretty strong about in regards to where I stand and as much as I’ve been pushed to change my beliefs I’ve stood firm.

I’m not for abortion….somewhat. I don’t think that it’s right that that a woman can just decide that she doesn’t want the baby and have it aborted. To me this is just an easy way for a woman who wasn’t being careful to get rid of what she deems as a “mistake” and not have to worry about it anymore. Now I know there are some of you that are saying “but Harold what if she was safe and they used protection etc?” I’d reply by saying that it’s still wrong. So you were safe right? You used birth control and condoms and you still got pregnant. I still find no validity in killing that child. Give it up for adoption then if you don’t want to keep it. But why end the life of an unborn child just because you don’t want to deal with the pregnancy? I know that some people out there don’t believe a fetus is a living thing until so many weeks right? Sorry I’m with the belief that life begins at conception. As soon as the sperm and the egg combine you have started the formation of a living thing. Period.

I just don’t think it’s right a young girl can go have an abortion without her parent’s consent. That just opens to doors for any young underage girl to get pregnant and be like “oh I’ll just get an abortion” when she gets pregnant because she was young and immature and irresponsible. If abortion is going to stay legal, which we all know it will, then I feel that if the woman is under 18 she must have parental consent to have the abortion. Another thing I hate is how the man involved is completely taken out of the picture. Why is it that when woman has a baby the man is hunted down for child support and the argument of “it takes two to make a baby” is thrown around. But when it comes to abortion the man has no say in what the woman does even though “it took two to make the baby she wants to now abort” right? That just doesn’t seem right. Why shouldn’t the man have any say whatsoever in this decision. Yeah I’ve heard the argument “it’s my body and no one but me is going to decide what to do with it” and that’s fine if the subject that was being discussed took two people to create.

Now if you recall I said I wasn’t for abortion….somewhat right? How can that be you ask or what do you mean? Here is what I mean when I say somewhat. I am 100% against abortion in regards to what I mentioned above. Period. What I don’t have a problem with if a woman has been raped or in cases of incest. In those cases, especially incest, I feel that aborting the pregnancy is the best way. I am somewhat on the fence when it comes to abortion when the child is going to be born with a major disability or medical issue. I’m still not sure where I stand on that one yet. As far as rape I just don’t think it’s fair to force a woman to bring a child into this world that was the product of such a violent and horrible crime. Why put the child through that. He’ll never know his real father either. So those are my two instances where I feel abortion is a viable option.

untitledNow I’ve also heard the argument of “how can you be for the death penalty but against abortion?” Two different things. At least to me. To me you’re comparing apples to oranges. The death penalty is there to make someone pay for committing a crime. They’ve been born, had a chance at life, ruined it, and now must pay for their crime. Abortion is nowhere near the same. This living being never has a chance to live and make those choices of what path to go down. You’re never giving it that chance to live. So yeah apples to oranges.