blame1You know sometimes people feel the need to find that one person and make them the example. Most times that one person hasn’t even done anything wrong but because their newer or whatever they get the blame for everything. Is this necessary? I mean why should someone who has been doing things the way they’re trained and taught then turn around and take the fall or take the blame for something they had no control over. Especially when the situation wasn’t even necessary but was created to HELP people out? I just don’t get it. I guess you can blame it on a generation gap or something. I don’t know if the older generation just feel the need to find the younger person and make them feel like they did some big thing that was wrong or what but it’s ridiculous.

I get into work today and there’s an email from an employee upset about something that happened last night. I recently ordered a change in the Internet service for some of our employees that sometimes work from home. It was to upgrade their Internet speeds. It wasn’t asked of me nor was it necessary but it was an upgrade in speed that would actually REDUCE the cost of the service’s monthly cost. In these bad economic times what better than to save the company money right? So the orders weren’t scheduled to go through until today after 5:00 pm. One user emails us last night that his Internet was down at 5:00 pm and he had to spend two hours on the phone with the Internet tech support guys to get it working. The tech at the Internet company tells our employee that there was no order to upgrade speeds for his account (there was and is trust me). Then the tech feels the need to tell our employee that was the reason his Internet went down. Wait so there was no order for speed upgrade but that order for speed upgrade was the reason our employee’s Internet was down? Yeah that perplexed look on your face now is the same one I had.

I’m talking to my co-worker about this and they tell me that basically I screwed up and I need to fix it. Excuse me? Fix WHAT? There’s nothing to fix. I didn’t do anything wrong. First off the employee isn’t supposed to call for support and only four people here at the office are to have access. Ok so it was after hours and he needed to get it up and working fine whatever that’s not my issue with this. The issue is that I get told that this employee is upset and that I didn’t do something right. I did what I had been trained to do. So if I didn’t do something right, when doing what I had been trained to do, how can I be faulted for that? I don’t see the logic behind that at all.

I just feel like I’ve become the whipping boy for my department. I’m the youngest person in the department by at least 10 years or close to 10 years. 90%+ of the other people in my department are over 40. I guess because I’m the young one I don’t know as much and am naive and so I can’t do things right. Or is it that I can’t do them the way they WANT me to do them not necessarily the way they SHOULD be done? Just because you’ve done something a certain way for the past 10 years or whatever doesn’t always mean it’s the right or best way to do it. It just means you’ve been doing it that particular way. So when someone else comes along and does it their way that’s different than your way don’t right away assume that it’s wrong. So my way takes less time and is easier. Does that automatically make it a bad way to do it just because I’m not doing it the way you’ve done it for over 10 years? Absolutely not!

So yeah I just felt the need to rant and rave today. Thanks for listening.