love2So you’ve found that special someone. They make you smile and laugh. When they are gone you can’t stop thinking about them and longing for when you get to see them again. All of these things usually are the sign of love. Or infatuation. So how can you tell if what you’re feeling is true love or just an infatuation? Sometimes the line between the two is a bit grey and hard to see. My method is always to go with your gut instinct. Go with what your heart tells you.

Personally to me love is a lot different than an infatuation. Love is painful. In a good way of course. When the person you love is gone your heart aches for them to return. Or when you wake up in the morning next to that person you just want to hug them and lay there with them forever. That’s love. I’ve had both. Love and infatuation. With infatuation I never felt like that. I hated when the person left, but I wasn’t sitting there all day dying for them to return. With love you want to spend as much time as you can with that person. You want to do everything you can to make sure they know you love them. Now of course this only works if the love is mutual.

That’s why saying those three magic words, I Love You, can be a scary thing to do. What if the other person doesn’t say it back or what if you’re waiting for them to say it first and they never do because they’re waiting for you to say it first? That last one isn’t TOO bad, but sometimes it is an issue because one of you may think the other doesn’t love you because they aren’t saying it when they’re just as scared to say it first. This can sometimes lead to one person leaving the relationship because they think the other person doesn’t love them. This usually isn’t an issue. At least not in my own personal experience or in what I’ve seen in others. 

With infatuation you never really love the person, you just love what they offer. You love the kissing or the hugging or the sex. Or the fact that they buy you stuff or pay for things like your bills, etc, but that’s it. You don’t love that person’s heart and soul. You’re infatuated with them physically (most times) and have no want to pursue anything long term. Some people may even say you are a user or a player. I can see why some would say that especially if it’s for the sex.

When you truly love someone you love them unconditionally. You love their mind, their soul, their heart, their emotions, etc. Of course you’re gonna also love their body and that’s gonna be part of what you love just not the ONLY thing as with infatuation.

So why am I writing this. What’s my point? Didn’t really have one. Just wanted to get some thoughts down and figured I’d share what’s in my head with you all so I hope you enjoyed it.