So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know that I’ve had a pretty horrific track record with relationships. So how can I even begin to offer advice on a healthy, successful relationship? Well just because I’ve had many failed ones in the past doesn’t mean I’ve learned from each one. I’ve had some time to sit and think about everything that went wrong and decided that I should share what TO do instead of what NOT to do in order to have that great relationship with someone. Now I’m writing this from my perspective as a man dating a woman, but most of these can easily be from a woman’s perspective.

Note: These are not in any particular order.

1. Take Your Time – Don’t rush into saying I love you or rush into “laying on thick” as they say. You’ll scare her off. Women for the most part are timid creatures. You rush in there like a lion rushing in to kill that gazelle, she’s gonna bolt.

2. Be Chivalrous – Regardless of what some people may say chivalry is NOT dead my friends. Open that car door. Pull her chair out at dinner. Walk on the outside of the sidewalk and let her walk on the inside. These are all things I was raised to do and still do to this day. Sure I may not open EVERY single door, but I try my best do to so. Plus my girlfriend gets out of the car faster than I can get over to open her door. But the point is I’m making the effort. A lot of women will say they are independent and don’t “need a man” to do stuff like that, but deep down almost every woman will appreciate it if you do.

3. Listen – Guys take my word on this one. Listen to her. You’re probably sitting there saying “I do listen to her what are you talking about?” As an old friend once asked me “Are you really listening or are you just hearing what she’s saying?” I’ve done A LOT of hearing in my days. It wasn’t until I started to actually listen to what she was saying that I got my old friend told me. Sure you can hear old-handsholdingbeachher tell you about her crappy day at work, or how her best friend was a witch” and that’s fine. But what about when she’s telling you how she feels about you or about a certain thing you doing or not doing? Do you hear her or are you listening to her? I’ll be the first to admit guys tend to tune women out a lot of the time. We sometimes get tired of hearing the drama, etc. so we turn off the listening part and just keep the hearing part turned on. The problem with that is sometimes we don’t always turn listening part back on and that’s the problem. When you don’t listen to her you’re gonna miss out on sometime very important. I’ve finally learned as I get older to never turn off the listening part. Leave it on all the time. You’ll benefit from it in the long run.

4. Remind Her How Much You Care – S you’ve gotten past the “I Love You” part of the relationship. I for one love that part because no longer are you stuck saying “Ok well bye” when hanging up the phone. But do you make it a point to tell her just how much you love her enough? I was once told to always tell someone that you love that you love them before leaving the house and before going to sleep at night because you never know what might happen. You might get into a car accident on the way to work or to the grocery store and die. You may not wake up or they may not wake up. How many times have you heard the person who just lost a parent or a wife, etc. say “I wish I could have had just one last chance to tell them I loved them.”

5. Do The Little Things – So what do I mean by the little things? The little things are things like doing the dishes in the sink or unloading the clean dishes from the dishwasher and loading it back up with dirty ones. Or taking that load of clean towels and folding them and putting them away. These things may seem “little” to you, but to her you’ve allowed her to relax and rest and not have to do those “little things” herself. There’s nothing wrong with doing the “little” things every once in a while.

Again I wrote these from a guy’s perspective but for the most part they can all be reversed to come from a woman’s perspective. I hope you get some use out of these and as always feel free to leave any of your own tips/advice in the comments section.