cheating_womanSo the girlfriend and I were talking last night about different things for me to write about. I kept coming up with nothing. She then mentioned about me writing about why women cheat. Well I’ve never really been cheated on….ok maybe, but we won’t get into that. So anyways I tell her this and so she says well let me write it from a woman’s perspective. That works for me. She did borrow some stuff from an article on this subject, but did put her own wording into most of it. Just wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due. And yes I already plan on doing a “Why Do Men Cheat” post myself here soon so keep an eye out. As always these are not in any particular order. Enjoy.

Not enough Sex
Women want to feel wanted.  If she doesn’t feel that she could seek it out from someone else. Some ideas to keep the spark alive is to take her out on dates, send her a provocative e-mail at lunch time or when your setting in the other room on the computer doing work or other things. Most importantly don’t let the little things interfere with the kissing, cuddling, and sex.

For some women cheating is a self-esteem booster that makes a woman feel sexier, more beautiful, more loved. Just because she has self-esteem issues she necessarily isn’t going to cheat on you, but if she does it’s certainly not your fault. There ways to make her feel better about her self and feel more secure in the relationship. That in turn could prevent a possible affair. Pay attention to her, ask questions, don’t hold back compliments. A little flattery goes a long way with women.

Bad Girl
Some women have and inner sex kitten needing unleashed. This usually happens when there is major weight loss, new job, new friends, or even a mid-life crisis. Some things that could help are  keeping the communication lines open. By doing so shes more likely to talk to you then spilling her guts to some stranger in the night.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as they say. You cheated. You broke her trust and her heart. She feels wounded and betrayed. Now she wants to hurt you like you hurt her and what better way than to cheats on you like you did on her. To regain her trust you have to let your actions speak louder then your words because you can’t undo the wrong, but you can ask forgiveness. Let her know it will never happen again an maybe suggest couples therapy. If you go to church maybe ask for help from your minister/paster/etc. to get through the tough times.

First the bedroom part. The same position, same place, even the same person tends to become boring over time.  If she’s bored she’s more likely to cheat because to her the affair is like an adventure and that gets her adrenaline flowing. The unexpected adds excitement in the bedroom and in the relationship.

Your Emotional Withdrawal
Women are emotional beings. They need physical and emotional support. Once you retreat from the relationship she sees it as a sign that things are through and a break up is inevitable. Cheating is a way for her to move on because she assumes you’ve already moved on as well.  Try to stay very connected with her and show your feelings. Who cares if you’re the big bad biker dude. Suck it up fighting-couple1and do it without any questions asked.

Exit Strategy
She’s done with the relationship. She’s checked out mentally and instead of breaking up with you herself she cheats. That way she doesnt have to deal with the situation and is content with letting you blame her because she doesn’t want to hurt you. An affair is an easy way out or at least that’s how some women sees it. Another reason is lack of communication. Communication is a big key in a relationship so let her know that she can talk to you anytime she needs to about anything. Let her know that you love her enough to work through the bumps in the relationship road.

Lack of Intimacy
Most women want intimacy. Its not just sex that makes a women feel connected in the relationship. It’s the kissing, cuddling, and the other little things. If she doesn’t get that at home she may go seek it from someone else.  Spend quality time together, rub her feet, make a romantic dinner for two, anything that will give her a sense of unity and closeness.

Feeling Neglected / Ignored / Underappreciated
When she feels more like your maid than your wife or girlfriend thats when she can stray to. If  you spend more time at work, or on the computer playing games, or with your friends then that gives her a reason to seek attention elsewhere. Dont be afraid to thank her for the selfless deeds she does and do your share around the house and with the kids if you have them. Make more time for her and clean together to try and make it fun.

So looking at these reasons why women cheat you’ll see they cheat because usually their hearts and egos get broken and need healing and not just cause of their libido. Some of the key components to a successful relationship are communication, intimacy, love, and physical and emotional feelings for each other.

Of course some women just cheat because they just dont care about u that much or just are cold-hearted and could care less about hurting you or anyone else.