So I do watch some reality TV shows. There is one that I’ve been watching called “College Life” where MTV has given a few college freshman cameras to document their first year in college up in Wisconsin. Great idea. If I’d had a camer ato document the stuff that I did in college who knows what kind of trouble I’d be in now! So these kids basically film whenever and wherever they want. They film their dorm parties, their hookups, their breakups, etc. It was quite borng at times, but then at other times it was kidn of interesting. So the most recent episode was about them all going on Spring Break. They all ended up going to Panama Beach City, Florida. Not together though as most didn’t know each other anyways. There is one guy that is flat broke. He has $175 to last him 7 days in Florida. Yeah right I am thinking. They show him buying alcohol like crazy and by the first day he’s spent all of his money. No surprise there. But what I sat there and thought was this. MTV allows this kid to film himself right? They, MTV, ultimately edits the footage to show on TV. They show him buying this alcohol and it hit me. This kid is a freshman. He’s 19 (even talks abotu how he is 19) and yet he’s buying alcohol. How the heck did he pull that off? Fake ID? The clerk not checking. So the almost 30 year old in me kicks in and is like “WHOA wait a minute here.” Why aren’t the clerks selling this kid alcohol getting busted for selling to a minor. And MTV showing this to me is promoting underage drinking. I don’t care how you spin it, that’s what their doing. All I know is this….my kids whenever I have some of my own are NEVER EVER EVER going to Spring Break if I have anything to say about it!