Ok so I know I said I’d be back in August and I planned on it. But things changed. First I decided to run for the city council at-large seat where I live. So that’s been occupying most of my time. And most recently (yesterday 9/9/09) I lost my job. So now I am in desperation mode and trying to find work FAST. Worst time to lose a job. So it’s gonna be a little while before I can start posting but I may pop in here and now. Please stay subscribed because I promise I will be back. I’ve got a great book that I got in the mail a few months back from an awesome author and he sent me two copies. One to read and review and one to give away. I’ve got the review written now I just need to get it posted and get a contest going for someone to win the book. Trust me it’s a really good book. Lots of lies, sex, etc. Just up a majority of my reader’s alley. So keep checking back and you may be surprised I may get inspired to write some stuff again real soon. Got some free time on my hand anyways HAHA!