earthSo I sit here just pondering random thougths of nothing. Wondering where did I go wrong in life? Who did I piss off to have the year I’ve had? Other than meeting the most amazing woman ever 2009 has been a hellacious year for me. Let’s recap since the year is coming to a close in a few weeks. First off I get divorced back in April (seperation started Jan 1, 2009). Ok fine I’ll deal with it. Best thing that ever happened to me actually though. I find a roommate fairly fast. Cool guy who was down on his luck, hurting for money, etc. Same situation I was in a few years back when I lived in Chicago. I let him live here and he paid me some rent but not that much. I’ve decided to let it slide because of the fact that I was in the same boat not that long ago and someone lent a hand and let me catch a break. This was my chance to return the favor to someone else in need. Still consider him a great friend. He was a godsend really. He helped get me through the roughest times by helping me forget there were rough times to begin with.

I met the most wonderful woman back in March of 2009 (like I said earlier this was the ONLY good thing to happen in 2009). We’d crossed paths unknowingly a year ago and here we are now dating. Who would have known? She’s been my rock throughout everything. I really don’t think I’d still be here (no I don’t mean dead just not living here) if it wasn’t for her. She’s been my strength when I had none. She makes waking up every morning worth it. She’ll be my wife someday.

So we fast forward to September 9, 2009. I lose my job. Worst time for that to happen. Luckily I’ve gotten on unemployment but it’s not making the bills get paid. It’s less than 50% of what I was making before at my job. Mortgage is hard to pay. So far I’ve not gotten foreclosed on….yet. So it’s just been a struggle to get the bills I have paid, etc.

So yeah 2009 has been a hell of  a year. To believe that I’m still here standing is a feat in itself. Again without the support of my AWESOME girlfriend and my great and amazing family I know I wouldn’t be here like I am right now. So anyways there’s a little taste of what I’ve gone through this past year. I hope 2010 turns out better for me.