So I never really gave much thought in the past to people that had no health care. Why? Because I’ve always had it through my employers with every job I’ve had. As you all know I lost my job back in September 2009. Of course that means no more health care. I couldn’t afford the COBRA they offered either. SO I’ve done fine all year last year until this past week. I’ve come down with something that’s pretty vicious. Don’t think it’s like the flu though. Feels like the bronchitis I’ve had in the past many times. Problem is in the past I’ve had health care so I just would go to the doctor’s office, get a prescription, and in a few days be fine. Not the case this time. I’m going on a week now with no change in health. Over the counter stuff isn’t working. Going to have to hit up a free clinic on Thursday (as that’s the only day they’re open). I feel embarrassed to be honest, having to go to a free clinic for health care. Why do you ask? I can’t explain it. I just do. I feel ashamed that I am so poor I can’t afford health care. But at the same time this has made me realize what millions of Americans go through every single day. I still don’t support government controlled health care though. Especially when there are penalties for not having any health care and breaks for illegal aliens, etc. Anyways enough ranting. Time to go dope myself up with more drugs.