So here it is Valentine’s Day. You always hear people complaining that this is a “Hallmark Holiday” and people having anti-Valentine parties, etc. Why is that? I used to think that way. That was until I finally found someone to make celebrating this day worth it. In the past I was never treated right or loved, etc. I had no reason to look forward to a day celebrating love, something I had no concept of. I think that’s people’s problem. They don’t know what true love is therefore they get all Scrooge like and pissy about this little day called Valentine’s Day.

I mean seriously stop and think about it for a minute. Why would someone who has no idea what true love is want to celebrate or look forward to a day that’s main focus is just that. True love? They wouldn’t. I thank God everyday for giving me the woman that he gave me last year when I was at my lowest. She has finally given me a reason to look forward to and celebrate Valentine’s Day. So to everyone out there let me wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and even if you’re single give your mom a call and tell her you love her.