Health Care from My Eyes

So I never really gave much thought in the past to people that had no health care. Why? Because I’ve always had it through my employers with every job I’ve had. As you all know I lost my job back in September 2009. Of course that means no more health care. I couldn’t afford the COBRA they offered either. SO I’ve done fine all year last year until this past week. I’ve come down with something that’s pretty vicious. Don’t think it’s like the flu though. Feels like the bronchitis I’ve had in the past many times. Problem is in the past I’ve had health care so I just would go to the doctor’s office, get a prescription, and in a few days be fine. Not the case this time. I’m going on a week now with no change in health. Over the counter stuff isn’t working. Going to have to hit up a free clinic on Thursday (as that’s the only day they’re open). I feel embarrassed to be honest, having to go to a free clinic for health care. Why do you ask? I can’t explain it. I just do. I feel ashamed that I am so poor I can’t afford health care. But at the same time this has made me realize what millions of Americans go through every single day. I still don’t support government controlled health care though. Especially when there are penalties for not having any health care and breaks for illegal aliens, etc. Anyways enough ranting. Time to go dope myself up with more drugs.

Medical Marijuana

medical-marijuanadesignMarijuana. Pot. Dope. Weed. We all know what it is. A big majority of us have even tried it or done it for a while. I did in college. I’m not going to sit up here and lie about it. I was a pot head in college. Wake and baker. But I grew out of that phase. I’m pushing 30 years old now and I have no desire to smoke it anymore. But back then it was a big part of my life. Now this isn’t going to be a big post of me preaching to you all. Rather it’s about medicinal uses of marijuana. When I was in high school I witnessed first hand the power marijuana had for a medicinal purpose.

I was volunteering in a nursing home back in high school (I wanna say it was my sophmore year). I helped with pretty much everything there but I loved the one job that allowed me some quality time with the residents. Smoking time. I would take this one guy, who we’ll call George since I don’t remember his actual name, to the smoking room to have his cigarette breaks. He smoked the little Swisher Sweets cigarettes. It was one of the highlights of his day. We’d play cards or checkers, etc. It was a fund time and made me not hate the job so much. George was blind which made it interesting playing checkers and cards (I always won figure that.) One day he tells me to go in his drawer that he kept his smokes in. He then says “You’ll see a baggie with some joints in it. Grab one of them for me.” I was caught off guard to say the least. I’m 15 and never had seen weed before, but I knew it was illegal though so I asked him how and why he had it. He tells me that his son brings it in occasionally so that he, George, can smoke it and feel better.

Curious I asked him how it made him feel beter because mind you all I’d ever seen about pot was the D.A.R.E. drug program videos on it back in elementary school. He tells me that it lets him see for a few minutes everytime he smokes he. See George was blind because of cataracts. It was a way for him to get his sight back even if it was just a little bit of it for a short period of time. I’d wheel George in his wheelchair over to the sliding glass door on his room that went outside to a little patio/garden area to smoke his joint. I knew it worked because he’d tell me what I was wearing, etc. He could see me. It was mind blowing that this drug that everyone had said was so horrible could provide such a short but joyous moment for this old man. He told me he usually smoked it only when his grandkids were coming to see him so that he could see their little faces.

So do I support medicinal use of marijuana? Yes I do. I do think there should be limits though. I’m also FOR for the legalization of mariuana. There is plenty of research out there to show what exactly marijuana can help with as far as medicinal. Below is a map of the states in the US which currently have effective laws for medical marijuana usage.

So what are your thoughts on this subject? Do you support medical use of marijuana? Do you support legalization of marijuana overall? Post your comments and let me know.


Random Thoughts

I wrote this back on December 10, 2008. Before I knew the truth about my soon to be ex-wife, etc. I’ll admit I got pretty mad at God when everything that went down went down. I’ll admit I’ve fallen to the wayside ever since and haven’t returned to church since December. I tell myself I’m gonna go and then I don’t. I know that I will in due time. I just have to go when I know it’s right and not force it. I figured I’d repost this here though because it’s still the truth. Enjoy

So here I sit reflecting on the past few days. I’ve become closer to God and I’m praying almost everyday. I’m wondering why this couldn’t have happened sooner in my life before my world had started to fall apart. I guess God wanted me to get on my knees when I truly needed him and that time has come. I won’t go into details but those of you out there that need to know the details already know them. Just keep my family and me in your prayers daily.

I find myself still struggling with my words. I’ve has a foul mouth for years. I know when to control it but for the most part the words fly out of my mouth that are vulgar and wrong to use. I pray daily for God to help me with this problem and I feel he’s doing it. Allbeit slowly but it’s still happening. The first thing I noticed is that I was becoming aware when I said a cuss word. Something I don’t think I ever did. Before they’d just fly out and I’d think nothing of it. Now I catch myself in my head when one slips out. I have been asking God’s forgiveness when this happens. Again something I’ve never done before. I just have to have faith that he will continue to help me stop this.

I’m also continuing to ask him for help with my mouth in regards to not arguing. It’s hard to stop doing something that’s been a part of your personality pretty much your entire life. I just have to have faith he will help me.

I’m still going to counseling and I honestly feel it’s helping. I just wish the bills would disappear. It’s not cheap that’s for sure. Granted four sessions cost me $104 but still right now that’s $104 we don’t have extra of.